The Beginning

So, I have successfully completed my first week of triathlon training, if that’s what you can call it. Sometime before Christmas I had a spontaneous moment and entered myself into my first ever triathlon. Now here I am, after my first week of training wondering what the hell am I doing!

The only things I know about triathlons is that you have to swim, cycle and run with a few distances to chose from. I have entered into the sprint distance, I could have entered the Olympic which is the standard distance, but I am a massive fan of living. You have to start with baby steps after all. For those of you who are not familiar with triathlons a sprint distance consists of a 750m swim, 20km cycle finished with a 5km run….sounds like a walk in the park!

So to help kick start my training I have decided to join my local road running club to help keep me motivated. At the moment I am just winging it, trying to make it through each training session, still trying to find my feet. There are so many training plans out there which can be so daunting and confusing, where do you even start. I don’t start and finish work at the same time everyday so this is something I have to consider. I tend to find training plans difficult to stick to, life gets in the way so sometimes that swim that you’re supposed to be doing on a Wednesday morning might not be possible, just like the weekend cycle that, according to your plan, you have to do to make sure you will be fit enough come race day. Why do online training plans have to be regimented? Am I the only human that feels like this, surely not?

I have spent my first week making sure that I do a workout each day ensuring I am covering one of the triathlon disciplines. So far I have been alternating between swimming and running each day. The days that I swim, I cycle to the gym and back. I am aware that I do need to be doing more cycling but for someone who is new to cycling on the road it has been a bit of a challenge, the first being my confidence on the roads. The only cycling you would catch me doing before now would be on a stationary bike in the spinning studio, cycling on the road is a whole other ball game! The past week I have managed to build my confidence slowly on the road which resulted in a 6.4km ride on Sunday, this was a bit of an achievement for me.

My first week of training has helped me establish where my fitness levels are at and how much work I need to do. I can run 5k comfortably but would like to work on my time, although running 5k after swimming and cycling will be interesting! I need to spend quite a bit of time on my bike building strength in my legs, cycling is much tougher for me than running is….strange. I can currently swim 800m non-stop but really need to work on my stoke. I don’t have a particular time that I want to do the triathlon in, I just want to finish it and still feel strong at the end of it. This next week I will focus on getting on my bike more and attempting to write my own training plan because why the hell not…


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