Rest day guilt

So here we are, week 2 completed and still going strong. I haven’t felt this determined and motivated in a very long time. I can honestly say I am loving my training right now.

I have spent the week doing more research online about training programs, and so far  haven’t really come across a plan that I want to adapt or make my own just yet. So I am happy to continue doing my own thing, listening to my own body, working on my weaknesses, and doing whats right for me. After all, what works for one person doesn’t work for everyone.

This week my main focus has been to work on my cardiovascular fitness and overall body strength. Running club on Tuesday was a great success. I have only been running 3 miles so far and have been trying to increase my speed. I was running with a different group than normal and we ran 4 miles at a slightly faster pace than normal. After pushing myself with the guys to hit the 4 mile mark I decided to push for the 4 miles on my solo run on Thursday which was a struggle, being on my own and without the distraction of my fellow runners but managed to do it somehow. To anyone that wants to start running I highly recommend seeing if there is a local running club that you can join. You will push yourself further and run harder than what you would do on your own. Its not just about you being a better runner, but its being part of a team, encouraging each other to dig deep, congratulating each other when you’ve had a good run and making new friends with the same interests, but the best part is, being able to move up to the next speed group πŸ™‚                                                                                                    Increasing my running distance to the 4 mile mark has had a positive affect on this weeks park run results. I have been struggling for a while to beat my most recent PB of 29.30 that I got back in May last year. I was not looking forward to the morning run, it was -3 Celsius and icy underfoot but somehow I managed to hit a new PB of 28.19 with an average pace of 9.06 min/mi. Its safe to say Saturday was a great day!

I have done a couple of body-weight HIIT sessions this week. I personally think HIIT training is the best way to quickly improve your overall cardiovascular fitness levels and is great for improving body strength. I am planning on starting to include some weight circuits to my training in a few weeks time but these HIIT sessions will help ease me into it. No matter what you’re training for, be it a marathon or triathlon, weight training is essential, I think, to make you more efficient, stronger and less likely to get an injury.

So I have been fighting a cold since the new year, it keeps coming and going but I can’t seem to completely shift it. I have a good nutritious diet, drink lots of water and take vitamins. I have now decided that it could be down to lack of rest days. In the past 14 days I have only had 1 rest day and most days, as well as my main training session, I will attend my local yoga class. Don’t get me wrong, apart from having a constant cold, I feel great, so strong and healthy, but I can’t help but feel really guilty when I have a rest day. When I do try and rest all I can think about is my next training session….I’m addicted. Hi, my name is Christina and I am addicted to training. Surely I cannot be the only person that feels this way? I never felt like this when I was training for the London marathon, I had to force myself to train for that, but this is so much different and it must be down to the variation of training sessions. I have my next rest day planned for 30th January, I know it must sound ridiculous, 2 rest days in 22 days, but what is the minimum amount of rest days we should take anyway? Surely it can’t be the same for everyone, everyone’s body’s are different and recover differently, just like some people can function on less than 8 hours sleep, different bodies run and survive on different things, we are not all the same. Saying this I have noticed that I now need on average 9 hours sleep which is around an extra hour and half that I was having before training, and at the weekends I can easily sleep for 10 hours. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing? I go to yoga class 5 times per week and each class is 90 minutes long. I really do think this is having a positive effect on my body and training. I haven’t had any aches or pains from training (touch wood) and I haven’t felt this strong in a long time. But, I am aware that I can’t continue training so hard the way I am at the moment without burning myself out. I have decided that from February (because January is almost over) I will start taking more rest days so that I am allowing my body the time to rest and recuperate.

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily” – Zig Ziglar


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