Welcome to my blog. I hope it may help you to find the motivation and determination to help you succeed in what makes you happy.

I have set myself a goal, to compete in a triathlon before the age of 30, so here I am. I have signed up to my first triathlon which is taking place on the 03rd June. I have always ran and successfully completed the London Marathon back in 2014. After the marathon I took a break from running and eventually struggled to get back into it, I kinda got bored of running! So now, almost 3 years since running the London Marathon, this is where I am at, about to start my training for my first triathlon.

This blog is my training journey, to share my struggles and worries and all the things I am to overcome so that on the 03rd June 2017 I can turn round and say, not only am I a marathon runner, but I am a triathlete!

I am just a normal girl with a regular job who is trying to be the best she can be!